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Case Studies

iStock-1152608468 sabotage.jpg

Sabotage and escalating threats and conflicts arising from a labor dispute at one of the company's largest manufacturing facilities.  

iStock-813680822 insurance.jpg

A suspicious claim raised concerns the policy holder might be attempting to defraud the insurer across multiple jurisdictions.  

iStock-125927042 terrorism.jpg

Terrorism, civil unrest, violent crime, corruption, environmental and health-related issues threatened the people and productivity for its energy division in country, disrupting operations. Centry Global was called in to provide a total security solution to the client's Energy Plant in the Algerian desert.

iStock-956110702 ransome.jpg
Cyber Ransom

Following a very successful ICO (Initial Coin Offering), this global health & fitness Saas (Software as a Service) provider faced a cyber-attack. The attacker used spear phishing to deliver quite sophisticated payloads to infect the CEO's devices, allowing the attacker full access to the executive's personal ...

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