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About Centry Global

Exclusively Dedicated to Enabling Our Clients to Operate Freely and Profitably
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Centry Global combines thought with action, converts insight into practical advice, removes barriers and opens new paths. Whether it’s providing intelligence or stabilizing security, we deliver results that are aligned with our clients’ strategic goals and operational plans.  


It’s about removing risk and mitigating risk -- not managing it, avoiding it or prolonging it.  


We focus on positive, sustainable impact that empowers and enables our clients to succeed.


Our holistic but modular approach applies to our 2 primary service lines—Industrial Security and Corporate Risk. Both service lines have unique skills, knowledge and tools that support one another. We will deploy whichever resources and apply whichever elements necessary to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.  


We can be as lean or as large-scale as necessary. We respond as effectively to background checks as we do to delivering turnkey security for large industrial estates in hostile environments. 

Global Reach

Operating in 90 countries worldwide, Centry Global provides intelligence, investigation, incident response, security management, security stabilization programs, protective services, and other risk advisory services to a wide variety of industries. 

Operating in


Intelligence & Investigations Provided by:


field agents
Offices in


Client Property Protected:


square miles
square miles
Industries Served
  • Agro-industrial 

  • Banking 

  • Legal services 

  • Insurance 

  • Oil & Gas 

  • Mining 

  • Engineering 

  • Financial services 

  • Construction 

  • Power stations 

  • Biotech 

  • Pharmaceutical 


Range of Services

Security Stabilization Programs:

Holistic, comprehensive and rapid turnaround of a facility facing a critical incident/crisis or a deterioration of security on-site


Using all source intelligence tools and resources to conduct due diligence, risk mapping, threat assessments, corporate counter-espionage, anti-illicit trade, asset tracing (and recovery), key person profiles 

Security Management:

Temporary or long-term management of security & safety operations, bringing best practices in procedures, policies and operational effectiveness  


Comprehensive investigations into fraud, sabotage, product tampering, theft, bribery/corruption, health & safety violations, workplace violence/harassment, cyber-attacks (including cyber ransom) 

Incident Response:

Tackling incidents of extortion, blackmail, sabotage, threats to life, cyber ransom, reputational damage/threats to reputation (involving the company or key executives), malicious litigation, IP theft, industrial actions, etc.

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